"CLIFFHANGER" - Kasitsna Bay Cabin Retreat

This "Cliffhanger" cabin sits on a 100-foot bluff over looking Kasitsna Bay and McDonald Spit -just 15 miles across Kachemak Bay from Homer. It is a compact 12 x 16 feet with a full upstairs sleeping area - a total of 380 square feet. An unusual modified-dome roof allows full use of the corner areas upstairs. It has a good mooring just offshore, electricity, running water, and a trail that connects 400 feet uphill to Jakalof Bay Road. This road leads to the town of Seldovia 8 miles away. A second building has a hot water shower, generated by a copper coil stove pipe device, and storage. The property covers 1 acre.



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If you have questions about this cabin you can email: jlav@gci.net